This pandemic has people acting like fools. Well, this pandemic and drugs have made people a little extra crazy this year. Social isolation, wearing a mask, and washing your hands are just a few of the things that some people are finding extremely difficult to do. Some think it nigh impossible, and it's even more difficult when you are on drugs. That happened to a guy down in Utah who was in an insane police chase because he thought the cops had challenged him to a race. According to Fox 13 in Salt Lake City, the guy thought he was dreaming and the police wanted him to prove he could drive fast.

In reality he was on drugs and the cops wanted him to end the Ricky Bobby shenanigans and stop his car. Check out the video below, or at the Fox site, to see the moment the cop sees the problem and reacts in a scary and heroic manner.

Trooper Geoffrey Hall saw the vehicle driving the wrong way down the highway late at night and sprung into action. He sped up to a location he could cross the median and ended the situation by using his car as a barricade. Police say the man was clocked at 110 miles per hour during his joyride/race. I don't know that it matters but the man's choice of race car was actually a van. A toxicology test found methamphetamine in the man's system and he was arrested on 9 counts without bail.

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