New Scammers in Twin Falls
The Twin Falls Police department reported more than a dozen people have called reporting scams.
These scammers are posing as the IRS. They lead consumers into thinking they have back taxes that are owed and then ask for personal information to cover those expenses.
Ticket Phone Scam Hits Twin Falls
TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX)- Citizens of Twin Falls are now target of a phone scam attempting to get money. According to the City of Twin Falls people have said a person called them with a heavy accent claiming to be with police.
Police Warn of Rental Scam
(KLIX)- Twin Falls police are warning citizens of a new Craigslist scam. According to police scammers are targeting renters, landlords, and even homeowners. Police say homes in the city are being listed on Craigslist as rental properties when in fact they’re not available...
Idaho Attorney General Warns of Fire Scams
(KLIX)- Recent devastating fires in Idaho and across the nation has prompted the Idaho Attorney General’s office to issue a consumer alert. They are warning people that when tragedy strikes, scams are quick to follow. For those that have lost their homes the AG’s offi…
Beware of Rental Scams in Twin Falls
My family is looking for a new home to rent. Our searches have taken us to the usual places so far: classifieds, real estate companies, and Craigslist. While on Craigslist we found a great home listed in Twin Falls that met our needs, was available, and was well within our budget. It seemed almost t…
Scam Targets Idaho Power Customers
Magic Valley- Some customers with Idaho Power are being hit with a scam. Hispanic customers reported getting threatening phone calls from someone claiming to be with Idaho Power. They tell the customer to make a payment or their services will be disconnected...
Twin Falls Police Warn Of Possible Popcorn Scam
Police in Twin Falls are warning residents to be on the look out for two men going door-to-door claiming to be offering free popcorn samples.  Officers say the vendors' request to use a homeowner's microwave is likely a ruse so they can case houses prior to burglarizing them...
TFPD Warns Of Credit Card Scam
Local residents have been receiving calls in a scam that involves an attempt to get your credit card information.  Since Monday those receiving the calls say the call is an automated one and claims to be coming from Wells Fargo.
Health Department Warns Of Fake Inspectors
The South Central District Health Department is advising restaurant owners that there may be someone out there claiming to be inspectors who are not.  The health district has had reports from several restaurant operators, mainly in the Wood River and Mini-Cassia areas, who claim a person will contac…