BOISE, Idaho (News Release) – The Idaho Department of Labor is investigating a scam in which jobless benefit claimants – and possibly others – are receiving emails from an out-of-state firm called Unemployment Assist that request personally identifiable information to initiate or complete claims for unemployment insurance benefits.

The emails are coming from Unemployment Assist with the email address and a subject line of “ID Eligibility Requirement 1: Must be Available for Work” or “Verification Required: 2nd Request.”

The emails warn that without responding through the links provided in the email, the person’s benefit claim may be denied or benefits could be delayed.

The Idaho Department of Labor is advising all Idaho unemployment Insurance claimants who receive these emails to NOT CLICK ON THE LINKS contained in the message and to delete the emails, including removing them from the trash.

The Idaho Department of Labor’s unemployment benefits claimant portal does require email verification. The department never contacts unemployment insurance claimants through any third party. All claims for unemployment insurance must be filed directly with the department.