BOISE, Idaho – The Idaho Department of Labor is actively investigating a scam where job seekers are receiving fraudulent emails with the subject line of “Job Offer” from a company called Juno Publishing Limited.

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The email suggests the job seeker’s profile was accessed through a fictitious employer account in IdahoWorks, the department’s job search engine. Recipients are being instructed to set up a Google Hangout account and engage in a dialogue where the scammer asks the job seeker to provide personal identification data to receive a job.

The Idaho Department of Labor offers this advice to anyone who receives the emails:


DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINKS contained in the message, and

DELETE THE EMAILS, including removing them from the trash.

Job scams like these are common and start with a request for a job seeker to participate in a job interview through an online chat network or other messenger software. Job seekers then are offered the job within minutes of the interview and asked for personal information.

Job seekers are advised to avoid job scams and false postings like these by looking out for these common red flags:

  • Requests to participate in an online chat interview.
  • Unprofessional communication - misspelled words, improper grammar, random capitalized letters.
  • Requests for personal information including bank or credit card information.
  • Job postings that offer few details.
  • Requests for money to secure your job.
  • Unprofessional communication.
  • Anonymous emails.
  • Overpayments for the job duties listed.

For more information on how to avoid being a victim of a job scam, read the department’s tip sheet for Avoiding Job Scams on our blog.

Source: Idaho Department of Labor

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