Anti-Bullying Bill Sent to Senate
Bullying has become a HUGE issue in our schools. A lot of parents are holding their breath while their children our in school. What's more nerve racking is that many children are telling their parents nothing is going on, and in realty, they are being bullied everyday!
Social media and cell phones ha…
Dem. Candidate for U.S. Senate, Nels Mitchell
Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate, Nels Mitchell, will join us today at 9 a.m.
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Congressional Race
!!Unofficial Results!!
United States Representative, District 1
Jimmy Farris
Raul R. Labrador
Rob Oates
United States Representative, District 2
Nicole LeFavour
Dairymen Disappointed about No Farm Bill
BOISE, Idaho (AP) — The head of the Idaho Dairymens Association says his members are disappointed that  Congress wasn't able to pass a federal farm bill with provisions to help the struggling industry before the election. Bob Naerebout says dairy farmers "harvest a crop ever…
ATV Bill Advances To Idaho Senate Floor
(AP)  A bill that would curtail the Idaho Fish and Game department's authority to regulate all-terrain vehicle hunting privileges on Idaho trails is advancing to the Senate floor. The Senate Resources Committee voted 5-4 Wednesday to pass the measure, despite agency objections.
Senate Committee Passes “Ultrasound Bill”
More than 200 people packed a Senate committee hearing on a bill to require Idaho women to get an ultrasound screening before terminating a pregnancy.  Boise Sen. Chuck Winder's*  legislation aims to decrease abortions in Idaho, and he argues women with more information about their fe…
No Higher Cig Taxes This Session
(AP)  A House panel rejected a bid to raise Idaho's cigarette tax by $1.25 per pack, with Republicans  calling it social engineering. The Revenue and Taxation Committee's vote Monday was 11-5, easily defeating the bill sponsored by groups including the American Lung Association. Reps. Lenore Barrett…
Idaho Senate Votes Against Union
(AP) - A Republican-dominated Senate committee aims to forbid Idaho state and local government from requiring union labor on public works projects. Friday's party-line Senate State Affairs Committee vote came despite warnings from union attorney James Piotrowski, who contends this bill would have th…
Denton Darrington To Retire From Idaho Senate
(KTVB) With Sen. Denton Darrington quitting the Senate, his compatriots will have to find somebody else to accuse of having been in the chamber forever. Darrington is the longest-serving Idaho senator in state history, wrapping up 30 years representing a southern Idaho district that's chang…
Senate Republicans Raise Bar On Abortion
Senate Republicans in Idaho have introduced a bill that requires women seeking abortions to undergo ultrasound.  The measure was introduced Monday in the Senate State Affairs Committee. Sen. Chuck Winder says his bill originally made reference to an invasive procedure using a vaginal probe …
Contraception Hearing Draws Big Crowd
House Health and Welfare Committee Janice McGeachin Monday warned those in the room they were in danger of breaking fire codes, so many had arrived to testify for and against the measure. Idaho isn't alone in considering similar legislation, with Missouri and Arizona mulling changes...
Idaho Senate Votes To Ban Camping On Capital Mall
(AP) - The Idaho Senate voted to ban camping from state-managed land, a move that would expel a tent encampment erected by Occupy Boise protesters in early November on the old Ada County Courthouse grounds. Tuesday's 26-9 vote sends the measure back to the House.
Sen. John McGee Keeps His Caucus Chairman Position
(AP) Idaho Senate officials say Republican Sen. John McGee will keep his position as caucus chairman,  the fourth highest ranking post in the GOP controlled chamber. Republican senators met behind closed doors in the Idaho Capitol Wednesday to determine if McGee should retain his leadership pos…
Top Story Podcast 4/5/11
Top Story Podcast 4/5/11: First hour - State Subsidized Drivers Ed., Jared Webster, Steve Millington. Second hour - Koran burning.
Rev. Terry Jones burned a Koran which incited riots in Afghanistan. Now he says he will put Mohammed on trial

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