November has begun and while many think of Thanksgiving, Fall, and the beginning of Christmas shopping with the month, it also means that voting season is here. While early voting has been open for a bit, many wait until voting day to cast their ballots. For those that don't know, as it is easy to forget sometimes, the polls are open on November 8, which is fast approaching. While this year is not a presidential election, it doesn't mean you should skip voting. We are blessed with the freedom to vote for those in power and should exercise that right, but in Idaho does it mean as much as it does in other states?

How Powerful Individual Votes are Per State

Picture by Bill Colley.
Picture by Bill Colley.

When it comes to voting, not every election has the same weight, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't vote. For example, each state gets two representatives for the Senate, while when it comes to the House of Representatives, it is more about population. With different votes having different results, it affects how powerful each state is in Midterm votes. WalletHub ranked the states by power in voting for midterms and looked at multiple options and how important each vote is per option.

States With the Most and Least Power in Political Votes

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When it comes to individual votes mattering the most for the Senate, Wyoming votes mean the most per person, with California being the least important. When voting for the House, Minnesota has the most power per person, with Delaware votes mattering the least. Overall it was decided that Wyoming has the most powerful individual votes out of any state, with Vermont coming in at second and North Dakota coming in at third. The state where votes carry the least amount of power is Arizona, just a tad worse than Ohio and California to round out the bottom three.

How Much Do Idaho Votes Matter?

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When it comes to voting for the Senate, in Idaho votes carry a decent amount of power, and compared to other states, we rank 14. When it comes to voting for the House of Representatives, it is another story, as Idaho ranks 49 out of 50. Overall though, votes in Idaho carry a lot of power, coming in at 14 on the list for overall power. While numbers are less in nonpresidential election years, you should still get out and vote, because your vote matters. 

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Make sure to use the freedom and right you have in this country and go to the polls next week and let your voice be heard. While many say their one vote doesn't matter, the statistics say otherwise. Your vote carries more power than you know and can play a significant part in who ends up in the Senate and who wins many of the midterms next week. 

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