Bullying has become a HUGE issue in our schools. A lot of parents are holding their breath while their children our in school. What's more nerve racking is that many children are telling their parents nothing is going on, and in realty, they are being bullied everyday!

Social media and cell phones have made bullying a lot different from when we were in school. Things aren't just said, they are posted on the internet or sent in group texts. This makes hurtful comments PERMANENT!

Jayleen Lovell is Miss Twin Falls Outstanding Teen. When Jayleen was a junior at Canyon Ridge High School, she started a Facebook page, “’Stop the Bull’ Putting a Stop to Bullying.”  Yesterday Jayleen, who is now a senior, joined many other people in the Senate Education Committee hearing room urging the committee to approve a bill to increase anti-bullying training in Idaho’s schools and to require school staff to intervene when bullying occurs. According to magicvalley.com, the committee backed the bill unanimously, sending it on to the full Senate. It has already passed the House.

With Idaho having a very high teen suicide rate, something else needs to be done. Idaho currently has a state law making bullying an infraction, but no requirements for districts on training or prevention. Hopefully, this bill will help prevent and stop bullying in more schools so children can go to school in peace and the Idaho teen suicide rate will drop.

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