Lou Dobbs isn’t shy.  It’s allowed the star of the Class of 1963 at Minico High School to rise to the top of his profession.  He’s one of America’s premier business journalists.  He has spent the last several years hosting a show at Fox Business News.  He doesn’t give guests an easy ride.  As evidenced by this interview with David Schoen, a lawyer for former President Trump.  Schoen is tasked with representing Mr. Trump at an impeachment trial next week in the Senate.

If you watch the Dobbs/Schoen exchange, it gets heated at a couple of points.

If it’s a trial at all.  Many legal scholars suggest impeaching a President after he leaves office is unconstitutional.  The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States won’t participate and there simply aren’t enough votes among Republicans for a conviction.

Dobbs and the former President are close.  They used to speak daily by telephone when Mr. Trump was in the White House.  Dobbs appears to believe Trump and his team shouldn’t even show up for the event in the Senate.

I’ll offer another option.  Mr. Trump should show up and when it’s time to make a statement, stand and explain he doesn’t recognize the authority of the kangaroo court.  Then he can wheel on his feet and leave the room.  Having been quiet for the previous few weeks, it would electrify his base.

If you watch the Dobbs/Schoen exchange, it gets heated at a couple of points.  Especially about six minutes into the discussion.  Dobbs also calls out some Republicans as being unreliable for allowing the impeachment effort to reach this point.


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