New Study Suggests That Some of us May Be Cat Whisperers
Do you think that you are a cat whisperer? I'll admit that I've always had a fondness for cats and always connected with them and then I got my little kitty Boo 17 years ago and I always felt that I knew what he was thinking for the most part and always had an idea of what he wanted from m…
Smarter With Age?
Does being older always make you wiser? I would like to think I am more intelligent at 33 than I was at 23 but maybe I am incorrect.
Positive Passwords Can Improve Your Mood
Science is great! Even the happiest person can feel down in the dumps some days. So how do you get that little bit of a pick me up or mood booster when you are feeling low? Science says that positive passwords can improve your mood.
UI Looking at Staff Pay
BOISE, Idaho (AP) — The University of Idaho is launching a review into staff salaries with the goal of adopting more equitable and understandable compensation policies by next July. The study is being launched after a faculty group recently complained about hefty raises awarded to some adminis…
Jerome Considers “Area Of Impact” Study
The rapid growth of Magic Valley towns may have slowed down during this recession but the planning for growth continues.  City and county officials in Jerome will begin a study of future growth shortly for the area of impact, a task that was last performed in 1996.