MCCALL, Idaho (KLIX) Idaho Fish and Game caught a rare sight in one of its wildlife cameras near McCall that is part of a four state study to determine how the mammals travel.

A Wolverine was caught on camera earlier this winter feeding on a deer leg strapped to a tree. The agency announced Friday that the wolverine was spotted about 12 miles from McCall. Fish and Game says only a handful of the critters roam the mountains of Idaho.

The Gem State, Montana, Wyoming and Washington are part of a study to figure out if the animals can be reintroduced in some areas to boost their numbers. Studies estimate there are about 300 wolverines in the four states. Scientists are also using brushes to capture hair to get DNA samples that may show if more than one animal visits a site.

There are 61 sites fitted with bait and cameras in Idaho that have captured other animals like coyotes, wolves, and foxes. “So far, we’ve had an animal of some variety on every camera,” said Wildlife Technician Luke Ferguson. Wolverines are considered solitary animals and are a rare site.



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