How Hot Things Get In The Summer Sun
It was really hot over the weekend. We decided to take a laser thermometer and check the temperature of every day things that you would encounter after they have been sitting in the hot summer sun. Spoiler alert: they get really hot.
Top 20 Cities for Summer Jobs
I would like to think there are great summer jobs right here in Twin Falls. According to this list, you will need to move to Boise or Scottsdale if you want a great summer job.
Shorts at Work?
Southern Idaho weather always surprises me. Always! On Friday I was wearing my winter coat and boots and on Thursday it's predicated to be almost 80.
Over the weekend I was discussing summer outfits with a friend of mine. I know, thrilling...
Summer Pet Photo Winner!
It was truly a joy to see all of your pets chillaxing in the Valley View Veterinary Clinic Hot Dogs & Cool Cats Pet Photo Contest, but only one could win, and we let you decide. Find out who won!
Vote For a Winner!
The entries are in and the Top 10 photos have been selected in the Valley View Veterinary Clinic Hot Dogs & Cool Cats Photo Contest. It's time for you to vote!
Signs You Should Go On Vacation
Some people might argue that if you NEVER go on vacation you are an amazing employee. Others may argue that taking a few vacations a year is necessary to be a good employee.

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