And you thought winter was mean to your Tesla!  Summer isn’t much better.  Especially when we reach the 90s and triple digits for daytime highs.  In winter, when it’s cold, the heater saps the batteries.  In summer, it’s the air conditioning.  If you don’t want to wear down your battery, you could always give 4/60 AC a try.  That’s four windows down and 60 miles per hour.  Of course, you’ll then be dealing with drag.  It also won’t do much to keep you cool when driving around town.

The libs complain that I make these stories up, but I usually find them when doing show research.  The main story, with detailed research, can be found at this link.

As for getting the juice to power your virtue-signaling means of transit, check out this link about solar panels.  Most are made overseas, which means China.  Using coal and slave labor.  How’s it feel to be saving the planet?

I watched a video from the Wall Street Journal.  It said it could be decades before the United States catches up.  The government will need to pump more money we don’t have into the coffers of well-connected liberals.  People who would be willing to make solar panels despite our high labor costs and environmental regulations.

Judging by some of the responses I get when I share these criticisms, I gather some of you refuse to look at the links.  Though, if you’re liberals it’s possible you simply haven’t found anyone to read the evidence to you.  Public schools have left us a nation of servile simpletons who’ll believe in anything Big Brother tells them.  Please, go live under a rock.  You’ll be out of the way of normal people and can reduce your carbon footprint.

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