Remember back in the day when on "tax filing" day there would be long lines at the post offices, bands would be playing in the streets in front of post offices and mail boxes would be jam-packed and in need of emptying every couple of hours?  Those days are gone.  The tax filing deadline came and went with hardly a notice.  Taxpayers had until midnight last night to get their tax returns to the post office for that ever-important postmark before midnight. 


This year taxpayers enjoyed two extra days before their returns were due. April 15th fell on a weekend so that would make the deadline the Monday after which would have been the 16th.  But thanks to a special holiday in Washington D.C., the headquarters of the IRS, taxpayers enjoyed yet one more day, making tax returns due on April 17th, a very rare occurrence.  Postal officials throughout the Magic Valley report that long lines and party atmospheres on tax filing day are pretty much a thing of the past thanks to online filing and other services.  Just as a cautionary note, however, the deadline for next year will return to April 15th.

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