10-Day Veto Deadline Starts for Otter on Grocery Tax Bill
BOISE, Idaho (AP) — A proposal to repeal the state's 6 percent sales tax on groceries has been sent to Gov. C.L. "Butch" Otter's office, kicking off the 10-day deadline the Republican governor has to either veto or approve the bill.
According to House Chief Clerk Carrie Maulin, the grocery …
Idaho Ranked In Top 10 Worst States For Taxes
Everybody loves tax time! Right? Isn't it great that every year in April we are reminded of how much money the government is taking from us. At least in Idaho we aren't the highest taxed state, but if your current taxation status is too much for you there is an option. You can move.
Do You Hate January?
I realize the first of the year is suppose to be a fresh start. A time to set new goals and accomplish great things! BUT...I secretly hate January.
Tax Refunds
It's tax day, which means a lot of you are written or have already written massive checks to the government. For those of you that didn't have to pay, you may have already spent your tax refund.
Idaho’s Tax Revenues Down a Bit
BOISE, Idaho (AP) — Idaho's tax revenue came up a bit short of expectations in August. Over the previous month, the state Division of Financial Management says Idaho's revenue was $197.6 million, or about 1.1 percent below forecasts. The figure is still about 3...
Tax Filing Deadline…Hardly Anyone Noticed
Remember back in the day when on "tax filing" day there would be long lines at the post offices, bands would be playing in the streets in front of post offices and mail boxes would be jam-packed and in need of emptying every couple of hours?  Those days are gone.  The tax filing deadline c…
Taxes Done? Tuesday Is Deadline!
(KTVB)  April 15 is typically the day that millions of Americans rush to file their income taxes before the deadline. That isn't the case this year, as the deadline for filing taxes has moved.  April 15 fell on a Sunday this year. While that would normally mean that the filing date wo…

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