Local residents have been receiving calls in a scam that involves an attempt to get your credit card information.  Since Monday those receiving the calls say the call is an automated one and claims to be coming from Wells Fargo.  The recording indicates that their credit card has been locked and instructs them to call another number to reveal personal information that will unlock their card.  Wells Fargo says it has nothing to do with these calls which appear to be originating in places like Dallas, Texas and Nashville, Tennessee.  Officer Luke Allen with the Twin Falls Police Department says the department is getting from 30 to 40 reports per day from area residents who say that have received such a call but he says he only knows of one so far who has revealed personal information.  He says the calls are a scam and cautions you not to reveal any information.  If you have questions about such calls you should always contact your bank first before revealing any information to anyone over the phone.

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