Last year I made my first ever New Year Resolution to do something healthy...and I failed. I decided I wanted to run a 7 minute mile and ended up at a 7:28 mile (mid-May was when I decided I was done). But now I realize that even if I had achieved my goal that there are drunk people who still run better than I do.

Case and point - the Beer Mile Challenge puts your New Year Resolution to shame. It is basically a drinking game mixed with alcoholism. The challenge is - you chug a beer, run a quarter of a mile, and repeat until you've run a full mile and chugged four beers, and a 44-year-old mother in Texas just set the women's world record by doing it in six minutes and 28 seconds. That's a full minute faster than my fastest sober mile!

Here's the video of the men's world's fastest time for some additional motivation.

Here's to you 2015 where my only goal is to see 2016.

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