A friend loves eggs.  Especially omelets.  She explains the T-and-T Café has the best omelet she has ever tasted.  She has lived in four states.  She used to attend church in Hansen and for ten years, every Sunday she passed T-and-T driving home.  The family always planned to stop but the place is always packed on Sundays.  Come to think of it, the Café is simply always packed. 

she really regretted not getting to the T-and-T Café sooner

My friend now attends a church in Twin Falls and doesn’t get to Hansen nearly as often as once a week.  Sometimes seasons pass between visits.  A couple of months ago, she finally found an opportunity to eat at T-and-T (I invited her).  She looked over the breakfast menu while I ordered a burger (the burgers are A-O.K.!)

When her breakfast arrived she cut into the omelet, took a bite and started chewing.  A look of absolute bliss crossed her face.  “This is the best omelet I’ve ever tasted,” she offered.

Then she told me she really regretted not getting to the T-and-T Café sooner.

I love my current job but Idaho needs its own state version of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.  Guy comes to Idaho on occasion but the state is blessed with so many great places, often not near a major highway, and someone needs to tell the story.  And I’m just the guy to take one for the team!  I have been to cafes, diners and family restaurants from Wallace to Arco to Mountain Home and I always, always find something I like on the menus.


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