I’ll wager a lot of people in Idaho have never seen the territory the men in the video below saw last summer.  They started at Jarbidge, made their way to Glenn's Ferry, then on to Idaho County, and eventually Lolo Pass.  I gathered after watching the video that some of them have made this trip more than once.  We should all make the trip once, but I would add that it doesn’t look easy.  When I still had a Jeep, I took it on some similar and narrow roads.  I didn’t have a video production team and a caravan along for the ride.  It was often white knuckle, and if I had tumbled down a gully, people could still be looking for me.

If you were doing this trip alone, you would probably want a satellite telephone.  You would also pass along estimated times of arrival to family and friends.

That’s not all.  You would need a very durable vehicle ready for off-road travel, along with some additional storage for gasoline.  These aren’t the most fuel-efficient things to drive, and gas pumps are few and far between.  The price at the pump is often very expensive.  All of these requirements are probably a reason many lifelong Idahoans have never seen the sights featured in the video.

A few years ago, I saw a similar video about the state.  The narrator said there are probably places in the state where no human being ever walked.  Think about that.  For 10 to 15 thousand years, people have been passing through or calling the place home, and we still don’t know it all.

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