It could be argued that I'm not the right person to write this story. And that would be fair since I haven't watched an NFL game since the Super Bowl. But it doesn't take extensive knowledge to clearly see that nobody roots for the Buffalo Bills. Have you ever seen a Bills jersey, bumper sticker, or flag anywhere in Southern Idaho? Yet here we are with an infographic claiming we'd rather see the Bills win this Sunday over the Chiefs, Packers, and Buccaneers.

The Denver Broncos posted the graphic on their Facebook page and it immediately drew criticism from fans. Now, I do see a flaw in the map based on how they came to their conclusions, and it could explain a few things. They say they based the data on Geotagged Twitter data and Hashtags. The Geotagged stat does make sense so you know who is talking about what and where but the hashtag data is a joke. If I post on Twitter that I got my stimulus money and add #Bills, the credit could go to the Bills team rather than my dollar bills (or bills I need to pay with my dollar bills). I could also write up a tweet that says 'the Bills suck' and tag it #Bills and it would again go towards Idaho talking about the Bills.

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Maybe their data isn't flawed and they took into account the negative posts. But I think it is flawed and that's why I'm pointing out the possible reasons we were put on team Bills rather than the Chiefs or the Packers. Plus, at least I've heard people talk about those teams in Idaho. Games for this Sunday, January 24th, will be the Bills vs Chiefs and Packers vs Buccaneers. The Super Bowl is scheduled for February 7, 2021.

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