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Super Bowl 54 All You Need To Know
The invitations have been sent out, you emailed, called, texted all your friends and just to make sure you didn't miss anyone you created a facebook group about your Super Bowl party.
How Much Would You Spend?
Most of us would agree that attending a Super Bowl game would be amazing! But how much money would you spend on that experience? Justin Kerrigan, a Bronco fan featured in the above youtube video, spent over $21,000.00 on the game and asked the local TV station to please not tell his wife.
Who Will Win The Big Game?
Football fans in Twin Falls are excited because Super Bowl is this Sunday!! Super Bowl 50 is the biggest celebration the NFL has seen. The bay area is thrilled to be hosting the big game. The arena is centered in Justin Herman Plaza, on the Embarcadero at the foot of San Francisco&CloseCurlyQuo…

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