One great thing I’ll say about the Wrangler in Fairfield.  The place doesn’t skimp on fry sauce.  More on that in a minute.

The staff tells me next Monday the diner is featured on The Best Thing I ever Ate.

The two-pound burger is all the rage online.

The show can be watched on the Food Network.  The Wrangler is getting plenty of attention for its lengthy menu as well as the size of the burgers.  The two-pound burger is all the rage online.  It’s one of several burger choices and even a regular cheeseburger is larger than any chain restaurant serves.

This last weekend I had lunch at the Wrangler.  The burgers are delicious (unlike some fast food burgers the flavor isn’t just from the condiments).

What really impressed me was the fry sauce.  You can put fries in the sauce and they’ll stand without any support.  So many places serve runny fry sauce.  Not the Wrangler.  It’s a thick sauce and quite delightful.

As a guy who prefers diners and family restaurants over places with cloth napkins, it’s a shame I don’t live closer.  I’d be eating there a couple of times each week.

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