If someone plans to borrow $25 million in my name, I want to know the details.  You’re looking at a picture from a public meeting on Twin Falls County jail expansion.  Clearly, the decision on the bond issue will come down to only a small handful of voters.

Whether for or against, the county government is going out of its way to answer taxpayers' questions about the project.  This is one of the most transparent efforts I’ve ever witnessed and I’ve been working in media for 35 years.  Commissioners, Sheriff,  Prosecuting Attorney and a citizens committee have been answering questions at service clubs, on radio, TV and in the newspaper.

Ignoring the courts won’t work.  Snapping your fingers and wishing it away isn’t a solution.

This proposal is also the cheapest among the alternatives.  In a decade it may not be enough.

There are members of my listening audience who recommend we put inmates in tents and make them wear pink.  Like Joe Arpaio did in Arizona.  Notice Joe is no longer Sheriff!  His county got sued.  I’m not saying his approach was wrong but if controlling expenses is your goal, it’s going to fail.

Lawsuits will be filed on behalf of inmates in Twin Falls County if there’s no change in the current jail system.  Ignoring the courts won’t work.  Snapping your fingers and wishing it away isn’t a solution.

The county will pay to defend itself in court.  An inmate is likely to win.  Then taxpayers will feel another bite.  Then a judge will order the construction of a new facility and it could be much more expensive than the current bond.  If nothing else, the current proposal is “good faith”.  It shows elected members of the government are working for a remedy.

Briefly, let me also point out the same crisis situation will unfold in the City of Twin Falls when it comes to firefighting facilities.  Pun intended we’re playing with fire.

Once more, predicting the future isn’t endorsing the future but it’s surely reality.

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