Christians Oppressed Even In America
We wrapped up the show today discussing Islamo-fascism and Christian persecution. Near the end of the segment I shared two stories from the Daily Signal about the slow grinding anti-Christian pressure from the political left. I then shared a tale from Christian Post about China...
Commentary: Cross Dressers & High School Graduation
More evidence today the creeping madness of the last 50 years in America has accelerated in the Age of Obama.  The culture was already in a tailspin when I graduated high school in 1980.  My tiny Appalachian hometown hadn’t yet been tainted by cross-dressers and devil worshippers but marijuana smoke permeated the air when you walked past the pizza shop on East Main Street...
ACLU VS Declo High
Declo, ID (KMVT-TV/KSVT-TV) - The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has announced that it has filed a complaint against Declo High School.
Idaho Being Sued in Federal Court Over Ag-Gag Law
BOISE -- A coalition of groups and organizations is suing Idaho in federal court over the controversial "Ag-Gag" law.  The Ag-Gag law made it illegal to secretly film animal abuse at agricultural facilities, that is, without permission from the facility.
Emergency Appeal Filed To Stop Rhoades Execution
The attorneys for condemned Idaho inmate Paul Ezra Rhoades have filed an emergency appeal to the 9th U.S. Circuit Court in hopes of staving off the execution set for Friday morning. In a 33-page brief to the court, Oliver Loewy and the other attorneys with the Federal Defenders of Idaho reiterated Rhoades' contention that Idaho's new lethal injection protocol is likely to be botched, causing him t
Judge In Correctional Facility Suit Steps Down
A federal judge has agreed to step down from a potential class-action lawsuit over conditions at an Idaho prison at the request of its operator, Corrections Corp. of America.  Chief U.S. District Judge B. Lynn Winmill has been handling the lawsuit brought by inmates at the Idaho Correctional Center...
ACLU Says TSA Violating Your Rights
The ACLU of Idaho says the TSA’s new screening procedures violate American's civil rights.  Those procedures include the choice of going through a body scanner or getting a thorough pat down. Monica Hopkins with the ACLU of Idaho says the new screening techniques violate every traveler's civil rights when they should just be used for high-risk travelers...