I guess we can start calling our hometown Twin Falls, California.  The politically correct have managed to stampede a fundraiser for the Canyon Ridge High School baseball team.  The club was going to raffle an AR-15.  The project has been underway for several weeks.

Then the fundraiser struck out.  Because as all good liberals know, the only people who possess AR-15s are bloodthirsty racist Republicans committing mass murder.

The two dozen or so actual liberals in Twin Falls have some outsized influence, although.  A great many so-called Republicans do their best to appease the left by virtue signaling.

Then a man with no time for political correctness stepped up to the plate.  Todd Eccles is one of the hosts of our gun show on Newsradio 1310, KLIX.  He decided he would sell chances on an AR-15 and then contribute the proceeds to the ball club.  It keeps the players out of the politics and if the liberal mob can control its urges to turn Twin Falls into San Francisco then perhaps the baseball team will benefit.  Or we’ll find out just how vindictive the liberal elites can be when their attempts to change our culture are challenged!

At some point, we’ve got to ask ourselves, who’ll be running Idaho and the Magic Valley in 20 years?  It’s time we set some boundaries.  It has been my experience when you challenge a liberal you’ll hear some screaming like you might hear from a banshee and then, they’ll slither back into their hovels.

Todd will join us on-air Tuesday on KLIX.  You can see his thoughts below:

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