Twin Falls was a completely different place back in 1919 and that definitely includes real estate. This home was built in 1919 and back then its value would have been a little less than $35,000. Guess what it's worth now?

First, some facts for you to ponder. It's listed as 19.6 acres on Zillow. It features a barn, 5 covered run pens for horses and a hot tub/spa. If you love horses, there's a good chance you would appreciate this home.

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What would this home cost you now? Based on the current asking price, this home would have cost $34,880 in 1919. This year, the asking price is $500,000. That's a pretty good return on investment of the original build price.

Elmer Blaikie is the listing agent on Zillow. If you have horses and appreciate a home with some history, I have no doubt he would be happy to give you a walk through.