Some people have a preference when it comes to their pets - there are dog people and cat people and then there are those who just love everything. I'm not a cat person, though I do have four cats, but I do still have a heart and this video is so sad to watch. The cats in the video are trembling and clearly in medical trouble after their owner used flea medication intended for dogs on them.

I saw this video on the Twin Falls Animal Shelter page and was in disbelief. First I thought it was one of those fake videos where they are just trying to scare people into using a specific product. Then I was in disbelief that anyone would do that to their cats! I also realized that the owners, like myself, probably didn't know that you can't use the dog meds on a cat. There is most likely information on the product label that indicates that it shouldn't be used on any animal but dogs. So, note to self and everyone else: read the labels on anything you give to your fur babies.

In the comment, one lady explains that her vet told her it was OK to use a certain dog med on her cats in a smaller dosage. But, unless that is the case don't risk it and use a cat appropriate medicine.

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