Sometimes a good video is a just a good video, but sometimes a good video is even better with hilarious commentary. That's what you get in this awesome cat-rescue video. The guy filming, Bart Martin, is giving his take on what is happening at the top of the power pole as lineman Nate Jagielski attempts the daring rescue of a cat.

The video is from the Idaho Falls Power Facebook page where they give the quick rundown of what is happening in the video. But, it's best to watch and hear it for yourself.

In the video you can hear Bart talking about how Nate and the cat are gaining each other's confidence and probably talking about their families back at home. After the cat trusts Nate enough, he allows for the rescue to happen. But, plot twist, now that Nate has saved the cat he doesn't want to come down because he's now just hanging out with his good friend 'Cat'.

During the rescue, Nate takes so much time placing the cat in a bag for safety that the commentator worries the cat is going to run out of air. In the end, Nate is a pro and the cat is rescued safely and without incident.

I'm sure the cat was in danger at the top of that pole and if cats are anything like other animals that get stuck at the top of power poles, this could have been bad news for the transformer and power in the surrounding area. Just a few years ago we had a squirrel chew on a wire behind our house on the power pole and it ended up frying the rodent and knocking out power to the whole neighborhood for a few hours. Around that same time a squirrel knocked out power around CSI because it also chewed on power lines at the top of a pole.

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