I love checking out old photos and history from around the area. I have been to Thousand Springs and it is absolutely stunning. But when I came across some old photos of the area it actually looks like there were a thousand springs coming out of the side of the canyon wall.

I mean this photo is absolutely stunning! I know that the water has been used for electricity and things like that. I am not mad at having conveniences in life. However, I am really jealous that other people got to see Thousand Springs like this once upon a time.

I can totally understand why people came here and decided to make this place a home. With views like this and great resources for water and safety, as soon as I saw this I would want to stay here too. If you were looking for paradise in the early 1900s I would think I had found it stumbling across this.

I am glad views like this were able to be captured in black and white photos. I find it super interesting that it is named in "Lincoln County" which apparently Hagerman used to be considered part of Lincoln County. The more you know.

Any time I can find some awesome history I get astounded. I am so happy I was able to stumble across this photo and it can be shared to the future.

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