(KLIX)- If you have dark tinted windows on your car they might be illegal. Idaho State Police are reminding drivers that there is a limit to how dark your windows can be. ISP says Idaho’s window tint law went into effect in 1992. The law doesn’t completely ban window tinting but it does limit it. In most cases a window tint cannot have less than 20 percent light transmission. State Trooper Sergeant Scott Zaugg says there are two reasons for the law. One is for officer safety and being able to see inside the vehicle. The other is driver safety and being able to see adequately from the vehicle. The law does allow some exemptions. Vehicles that come from the manufacturer with window tint are ok. But, anything applied by aftermarket companies could be illegal if its too dark. ISP recommends before you have the tint put on, be sure of the limit or you could face a $67 dollar fine.

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