It is a fun event that happens every year but unfortunately, COVID strikes again. Trick or Treat on Bish's Street is cancelled this Halloween.

In years past, the event is full of businesses and the community dressing up and passing out candy to families and it is a way to know for sure that all the candy is safe. It is also a ton of fun, there is music and each vendor provides some form of entertainment. It is a huge event each year that brings hundreds of people. Unfortunately, COVID strikes again and it will be canceled.

The event was too difficult to maintain social distancing and there are usually too many hands touching all the same things. It is a super unfortunate thing, but there should be no reason it would not return next year.

It is usually one of my favorite events of the year. I really hope that we will continue to get trick or treaters for Halloween this year even if some of the events are getting canceled. And I really believe that this just means that next year the event is going to be bigger and better than ever! We are definitely going to miss seeing all the costumes and families coming through. People are so creative. We plan to see you guys down there next year.

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