Having Halloween fall on a weekday can be a pretty big inconvenience for parents. Many of us have to work the next day and the kids still have to get up on time for school. My kids don't care right now though, they just want to dress up and get candy. They'll be in for a surprise on Thursday night when I make them go to bed at 9 pm so they aren't crabby demons on Friday. If only we could celebrate Halloween on the final Saturday of October each year the problem would be null. But, that isn't happening despite a petition we wrote about earlier this year in July.

Since the actual date for Halloween isn't going to change there is now a plan to celebrate 'National Trick or Treat Day' on the final weekend of October. This new holiday wouldn't replace Halloween but instead change the day we do the candy gathering with our kids. USA Today reports that the idea is backed by the Halloween and Costume Association and Party City. If you wanted to celebrate this year then you missed out. National Trick or Treat Day was Saturday October 26th, 2019. If the idea sticks you'll be able to participate next year and watch a kid friendly Halloween movie during the week.

In the meantime you can still celebrate the real Halloween with us at Trick or Treat on Bish's Street from 3:30 to 6 pm in the parking lot of the CSI Expo Center. If you'll be handing out candy at your home, remember to be on the lookout for the autism awareness blue buckets this year.