Trudy’s is now on my shortlist of places I must visit.  Near the top of my bucket list.  Only in Your State is a national publication.  The writers travel the highways and byways of Middle America in search of good food, local traditions, and a welcoming culture.  Somehow, the magazine made it to Idaho City.  I once took a visiting friend to see the town.  He worked as a prosecutor back east.  He was very amused by the office housing the prosecutor in Boise County.  He went home and told friends it was like looking at America a century ago.

Idaho City Defines Rustic

Idaho City maintains much of the old ghost town character, despite being very alive and rolling out the red carpet for tourists year-round.

It looks like a movie set across much of town.

Here’s the thing, I’ve shopped there in the grocery store.  I’ve walked into some of the restaurants but have no recollection of ever ordering a meal.  Maybe I had somewhere else I had to be.  I do plan to make a return after reading the review about Trudy’s.

Trip Worth the Cost

I used to make these trips routinely.  Then my car started coughing as I drove by gas stations.  I’m hopeful the price of fuel won’t impact our tourist travel.  Idaho is a lovely place and every corner of it deserves to be seen.

A simple trip from Boise to Idaho City is worth the drive.  You find your ears popping and at the right time of year, you can see the water traffic on the reservoir below.  You can see old mines and tall stands of pine.  In a matter of a half-hour, it’s like seeing four different states!

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