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A couple of weeks ago we were assured there were no naughty books inside the Twin Falls library.  An editorial writer at the Magic Valley Times-News even suggested you go look for yourself.  A few days later, I received a message from a local man who disputed the claim.  He explained he knew someone who found an armload of questionable books in a matter of five minutes.  Of course, I was curious and asked if someone could provide me with some titles.

On Monday morning, a document arrived in my email, detailing more than 500 titles!  With the names of the authors attached.  I forwarded the list to a member of the city council.  He plans to investigate.  The list contains names of books that may well be on local shelves, and the person who compiled it says not every book on the list is potentially a danger.  I'm also told local libraries are working on policies where parents can restrict their own children's access to some titles.  Good luck with enforcement!

It’s possible you could have 500 adult-themed books and these could be placed in a secure portion of the building.  Where kids don’t wander. The thing is, some of the titles look like the stories may be written for children.

Maybe we have different definitions of scandalous or pornographic books.  I can remember a story from my days in a newsroom a few decades ago.  Some little ones asked their parents about the birds and bees.  Mom and Dad decided to show the kids how you made babies (they were arrested.  After all, kids talk!)

It’s too easy to say there are leaders in this community who think sexualizing children is okay.  I don’t believe any of our leaders think of minors as “recruits”.  But we may have different tolerance levels for the definition of salacious.

What I will say is that I’ve witnessed a growing belief among the elites that they know how to better raise kids than parents.  You see it in schools, libraries, and more often in government.  They don’t believe the majority of you can manage your own lives.  So your kids need their protection.  We’re headed for a collision course in this country and our small city in the high desert isn’t isolated from the struggle.

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