This is something parents may want to be aware of. There is a social media account that is dedicated to students fighting at South Hills Middle School. 

On Instagram, you can find an account dedicated to filming students fighting at South Hills Middle School. It is called shms_fights. For parents, this might be a good thing to comb over to see if you can find your kids in any of these videos. There are more accounts from schools all across the country. Apparently, this is a trend. There are some for O'Leary and Robert Stuart as well. Canyon Ridge has one as well. Some of them are private. Most of them are open. These fights are insane.

The Twin Falls School District stated that when they become aware of these social media accounts, they will be addressed and reprimanded. The school is educating students how to be proactive and solving problems on campuses. They are trying to get students to stop filming and get an adult. This is not something unique to Twin Falls it is all over the area. Violence on our campus is not acceptable. Students can be expelled for these types of behaviors. School bus stops and near the school fighting can also lead to suspension, expulsion, and other consequences.

School District officials also pointed out that while there is 25 seconds or longer of a fight being recorded, what we don't see is the next second or two where the fight gets broken up and an adult has stepped in. As soon as an adult steps in the phones go away.

I remember when I was a kid we had fights between students all the time. Instead of filming and putting it on social media, it was a, "Hey, meet me at the park after school" type of thing.

There are so many other disturbing Instagram accounts dedicated to crushes, "hot people", and more. I am so glad I didn't grow up in a social media-frenzied childhood.

We will never get rid of bullying, unfortunately, but we can try to do our best. In some of these fights, you can tell both participating parties are willing and ready. Some of the others on the account are very much one-sided and definitely bullying. It might give some parents insight into what is actually going on in their kids every day lives.

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