My wife and I used to try to be the first to have a jack-o-lantern in our neighborhood every year. We would usually carve at least one on October 1st and set it out on the porch in victorious gloating. Then, about 10 years ago we realized that having our cool pumpkin turn into a fuzzy, white mold covered pumpkin oozing grossness onto our front porch, was no longer worth the work to clean up. So now, there are years where we carve our pumpkins just a few days before Halloween. We are a much happier people now that the messes are easier to clean. FYI - keep your snow shovel handy and it makes squishy pumpkin cleanup a lot easier.

There is a group in Florida that recently did some pumpkin carving in a unique competition. They carved their Halloween decor under the water in full scuba gear. This is something that could definitely, and definitely should, happen here in the Magic Valley. Could you imagine how epic it would be to do this at Dierkes Lake? The only issue I have with their competition in Florida is that it looks as though the pumpkins were cleaned out before the under water activities. I think the pumpkin guts should be cleaned out under water too because that would be awesome and super gross. I don't know how to scuba but if there were a way to do this contest in more shallow water where I could frequently come up for air, I would do it in a heartbeat.

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