The Magic Valley received a record amount of snow the last few days making snow removal a top priority for most residences.

One of the most common ways to remove snow from side walks and driveways is by using a snowblower. Most winters in the Magic Valley your snowblower will collect more dust than snow but 2017 is proving that fact wrong.

If you decided to purchase a snow blower this year, you weren't the only one. After contacting local Twin Falls home improvement stores we quickly learned that Twin Falls is currently sold out snow blowers! Some store are also sold out of snow shovels and ice melt.

Lowes sold 37 snowblowers in 6 hours on Wednesday.

Here is the rundown of just how many snow blowers flew off the shelves in Twin Falls:

  • Lowes sold 37 snowblowers in 6 hours on Wednesday. Currently the store has no snowblowers in their inventory. A shipment of 50 snowblowers will arrive tomorrow.
  • The Home Depot sold over 20 snowblowers over the past 2 days. Currently the store has 0 snowblowers in their inventory.
  • J and J Enterprises sold 2 or 3 used snowblowers over the last few days leaving them with no currently snowblowers for sale.
  • Sears sold every snowblower that they had. A shipment of snowblowers is planned to arrive at Sears on Thursday or Friday of next week.
  • D and B Supply's Boise store sold completely out of snowblowers. The Twin Falls store didn't carry snowblowers this year but they did sale 200 snow shovels in 2 days and 500 bags of ice melt in 4 days.

The good news is, if you have a snowblower and want to make some extra cash you won't have problems selling it in Twin Falls.

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