We had a day a couple of weeks ago when the high temperature reached 65 degrees.  You take them in winter when you can, but the same days are also a teaser.  A reminder of the slog ahead.  I recall some fierce winters when I was a teenager and the first sunny day when we hit 40, my buddies and I would drive with our windows down!  Then, a week later when the high was 15 and there was a foot of fresh snow, we would be fighting depression.

Fool’s spring is an Idaho phrase.  Or it looks to be in common use mainly in the Midwest and Northwest.  We’re looking at least two this year.  The weather forecast for next week is looking a lot like two weeks ago.  Delayed somewhat from a prediction late last week that it would arrive late this week.  As mentioned prior, forecasting beyond three days is a risky proposition, however.  What we’re seeing was predicted in the seasonal outlook months ago, due to warming water in the Pacific Ocean.

The change certainly helps home heating costs, and it makes driving easier.  The flip side is the snowpack in the mountains, which we desperately need for spring planting and growing.

At the moment, we’re in fine shape in southern and eastern Idaho, but the Panhandle needs the moisture.

March and April can still deliver surprises.  If some of the atmospheric rivers plaguing California move north and catch some cold weather, the problem greatly reduced!  I just don’t want to drive in it!

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