Everything about this pandemic has seemed to be 'up in the air' as far as planning for anything. With the Rebound Idaho stages, we were given a bit of hope every few weeks that things were getting better and slowly getting back to normal. That came to a bit of a stand-still as we have been in Stage 4 much longer than planned, since early June, and we continue to be in this final stage for an additional two weeks. Another thing for which parents and teachers have been waiting for an answer is in regards to the first day of school. The school district did announce their operational COVID protocol plan with a layout for different circumstances based on the level of threat the virus is at any given time. The district also announced that students and staff will be required to wear masks at school, regardless of the protocol level the school may be at.

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Today the Twin Falls School District announced that the schools will be at Yellow Level when classes begin on August 19th. Masks will be required at schools with a few exceptions:

  • Teachers will ensure students get a 'covering break' every hour where masks can be removed.
  • Masks can be removed while eating breakfast and lunch and other times designated by the school.

Since masks will be required at school, you can prepare your kids now to be comfortable wearing them. Whatever you can do at home will help teachers and student focus on learning school subjects rather than enforcing masks.

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