TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX)-Eventually children will be able to play on an handicap accessible playground at Sawtooth Elementary in Twin Falls thanks to the observation of some students that a couple students in wheelchairs couldn't use the current playground. "Recess is the best part of the day if you ask any kids thats what they will tell ya," said Sara Egan, mother of Zella, a 6-year-old student at Sawtooth Elementary , "She was diagnosed at 14 months with cerebral palsy, so she is limited as far as how she can access the playground because she's in a a wheelchair."

Photo courtesy Sarah Egan
Photo courtesy Sarah Egan

Zella and another girl who has a similar condition are limited to how they can play with their peers during recess. That didn't go unnoticed by their friends last year, "A couple of these these little kids that had befriended them and in their class had gone home and said to their moms, hey look we play with these we play with these girls at recess but there really isn't much we can do because they can't go on the playground." Egan said one of the moms approached the PTA on getting some toys the children could play with together and it snowballed into working on getting grants for building a brand new playground for students with physical limitations. The new playground will have a wheelchair ramp, accessible play equipment and available for all children in Twin Falls. The goal is to raise $220,000 for the whole set up and so far funds raised is roughly half way there. Some of the money has come from grants. The First Federal Park has ADA accessible equipment but the Sawtooth playground will be the first within the Twin Falls School District according to Egan. If anyone wants to donate to help get the play set built they can contact the school district offices or Sawtooth Elementary.

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