One of the coolest concepts in dining I’ve ever seen is on display at Second South Market in Twin Falls.  I look around inside and think this could work in Burley and Jerome.  One of the guys at work told me that Second South is one of his go-to places.  His family likes the variety.  Not everyone needs to order from the same menu.  It also emulates the old public square.  I always see people I know when I go there, and I often stop there when I want to eat and meet at the same time.

We should also note parking is ample.

The Market is being recognized for excellence.  It’s named the Food Hall of the Year by Corporate Livewire Magazine’s West Coast edition.  Word gets around when you take visiting family from out of town for lunch or dinner (it’s going to be a busy place during the holidays!)  The Market's owner is pleased:

“Having just been recognized nationally with a congressional record statement, receiving this award is a great way for 2nd South to end 2023,” said owner Lisa Buddecke. “Congratulations to our seven local businesses for making this award possible.”

On another note, what has impressed me about the place is how the old building was repurposed.  At one time it was a haven for bootleggers during Prohibition.  Later, it served as the Salvation Army store and the attic was a mess after being occupied by birds.  Cleanup was a chore.  Now ownership is seeing a payoff.

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