It’s an age-old problem…tell people to conserve, then try to figure out how to make up the shortfall when they do.  That’s the problem the city of Twin Falls has right now regarding water conservation.  Several years ago Twin Falls adopted a water conservation plan where residents and businesses would water only on certain days to help conserve the water supply.  The problem is, the conservation plan was so successful that now, Twin Falls water and sewer collections are not bringing in the amount of money that the city had hoped for.  In fact, it’s about a million dollars less than last year.  Part of the problem is being attributed to the wet spring where people just didn’t use as much water.  It’s to the point that city officials are considering backing off on the water conservation plan so people will use more water to bring up the revenue.  So far there is very little support with the City Council to raise water rates.  It’s a topic that will be coming up in future City Council meetings but right now no decisions have been made.

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