Rapper Kanye West came out and said he planned on running for president in 2020. Apparently, West got enough signatures to be on the 2020 Idaho presidential ballot.

Kanye is now going to be on option on the presidential ballot is several states, not just Idaho. In Idaho at least one thousand signatures of registered voters is required to get on the ballot. By the deadline, Kanye West had met the signature requirements.

Kanye West will now be on the ballot in Idaho, Minnesota, Tennessee, Arkansas, Colorado, Utah, Oklahoma and Vermont. Reports indicate he will try to get on the ballot in Arizona as well. The rapper will be running as an Independent candidate.

Kanye West has also been declined from being on ballots in Montana, New Jersey, Ohio and Illinois. By the end of this run it is unclear how many states will feature him on the presidential ballot.

I have to know if you would vote for Kanye West. I honestly don't know what kind of platform he would run but I can say that based on his lack of experience with virtually everything that I would imagine would help someone run a country, I would not vote for him.

Is there a celebrity that you would vote for if they made a presidential run? I am not sure I could think of a single celebrity I would vote for but who knows, maybe one will in the future.

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