Have you seen this video?  I stumbled over it on Facebook.  It’s a BASE jumper at the Perrine Bridge attempting to show off by leaping with a rubber raft for a soft landing on the Snake River.  The video ends with the daredevil tumbling out of the raft and into the drink.  From there, there’s no answer as to what followed.  We know he didn’t drown.  That would’ve made some news.  Similar to the guy who attempted a few years ago to set his chute ablaze, and instead burned himself.  He was dead hitting the river.

Look, I realize BASE jumping is a tourist draw, however.  I would question the number of dollars it brings into our community.  I guess many of these brave souls arrive, jump, and head out of town.  Is there any data that shows they booked a local hotel room for a week?  Beyond an estimate?

Some of these folks find themselves in distress. They were hanging from the bridge or bobbing in the river.  Rescue teams are also brave and fishing people out of the water or the air is their job, but it comes with some danger too.  What’s the safety of these local heroes worth to the local restaurant and hotel industry?

If some joker wants to leap off a bridge, that’s his decision. But it also appears there’s little thought about the other lives you can impact with your behavior.  Maybe we have a cultural point where the thrill of the jump and a few dollars for a room trump old human values.

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