People are usually shocked to find out that growing up, I didn't have any video games at all. My parents weren't ANTI-video game, but they definitely preferred to let me hang out with friends and play sports instead-- and I was cool with that. I remember buying my first video game system in middle school just so I could play the NCAA college football game at the time...that lasted all of about 7 days before I was bored. I've just grown to embrace video games aren't my thing.

Virtual Reality takes video games to a whole different level and while I've only done it once, I have to say--it's amazing. About a year ago we teamed up with VR Tech Lounge in Meridian and some of us from KISS FM got to check out their systems one afternoon for free. Was I the geek that played around with GOOGLE MAPS VR!? Totally. But the sensation of feeling like you're literally living and breathing IN the computer is insane.

A VR Bash is coming to downtown Boise at StrangeLove Nightclub and this could be a chance for you to have some fun or try out VR for the first time! The event is Friday, October 11th from 6:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m. and there's even an open bar. Not 21 years old? It's all good-- there will be things set up for 16 years and older adjacent to the nightclub!

Learn more about the event, RSVP, get VIP tickets, an invite your friends, HERE.