I once annoyed a foreign born symphony conductor by telling him his orchestra was welfare for the rich.

If you don’t want to pay, then find some other entertainment

Think for a moment about all the pressing needs local, state and national governments have and many are still funding events very few people attend. The people who show up for some of these events could easily endow their favorite music but instead insist working people with no interest fund the effort.

When I go to the movies, I don’t ask you subsidize my ticket or pay for my popcorn.

There’s a huge uproar over plans by the National Park Service to raise park fees.  I grew up in a state park system and can attest there are maintenance costs and these never go away.  The taxpayers as a whole can fund repairs or simply the people who use the parks.  If you don’t want to pay, then find some other entertainment!

I’m also enclosing a link from Tom Rogan at the Washington Examiner.  He’s a brilliant fellow and I think he makes the same argument but with more eloquence.

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