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A thought struck me about the move to close Idaho churches during the so-called pandemic.  How did that differ from the recent attempt by the Governor of New Mexico to suspend the Second Amendment in a portion of her state? A judge finally stepped in and blocked her, even as her fellow travelers were cheering the move.  A Governor can’t overrule the Constitution of the United States.  A Governor clearly can’t make the move by fiat.  That is, she’s not a queen.  She has a legislature and she should at least consult them.

It also doesn’t matter that your legislature may have given you emergency powers.  You still can’t use them and usurp the federal constitution.

There are five liberties guaranteed, by God, in the First Amendment.  One of those is Freedom of Religion, which most people practice by going to church, temple, or mosque.  So how did our fearless leader in Idaho tell us we couldn’t go to church?

You may recall the liberals in most Idaho newsrooms were pressuring the Governor to show those recalcitrant MAGA types that he and his COVID regime weren’t to be ignored.   How would they have responded if he had stripped them of Freedom of the Press and then had we all relied on the state for all we needed to know?  Considering most news outlets simply reproduce news releases from government agencies, I guess we wouldn’t have noticed.

We now have people who don’t trust the state on the serious issue of quagga mussels.  The state government is learning the lesson of a story I learned almost 60 years ago.  It’s the Boy Who Cried Wolf.

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