There was a little pre-boating excitement on a Utah highway last week when a boat broke free of the towing hitch and continued to cruise down the road. You really have to see the video to fully appreciate the grace and speed of the aquatic toy as it took a maiden voyage on land. You also have to see it to fully understand how amazing it is that the boat is still in one piece and on the trailer.

I'm seriously surprised that the lip of the boat trailer didn't catch on the ground and cause the whole thing to flip end over end. I;m in no way an expert on towing but from the video it does seem tat there are a few obvious issue. It does look like they either have and extra small wheel on the lip of the trailer or it could be the wheel from their jack, but either way they got lucky. This video does highlight the importance of trailer chains and the proper use of them. Trailers should have a set of chains that attach from the trailer lip to the vehicle (or in this case another trailer) as an added security in case the actual hitch comes loose. It doesn't look like the chains were used and we don't get to see what caused the boat to dislodge. That could have been from a bump, abrupt stop, not locking the hitch cover, or the wrong ball size on the vehicle hitch. Or, it is 2020 and it really could have just been that is what happens now.

Props to the guy filming for at least making an attempt to alert the other driver of the issue. If you plan to do any towing this summer, please let this video be a reminder to make sure your trailer is properly attached.

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