Some of my favorite channels on YouTube are the ones that feature wildlife trail camera footage from throughout the United States. From time to time, viewers are treated to some truly remarkable images that show these beautiful animals in their natural habitat.

One of my favorite examples of Idaho trail footage in recent years was a video posted in August of 2021 that showed a Yellowstone National Park wolf attempting to devour a camera whole. These cameras are used by park officials and wildlife departments for the purposes of studying animal behavior and tracking specific species.

If there's one thing cat lovers know, it's that catnip is known to bring felines running. The product contains a blend of natural food, plant oils, tannins, and other ingredients that cats find irresistible. A YouTube video recorded in the Little Jacks Creek Wilderness of Owyhee County shows that it's not just domesticated cats that are lured by catnip, but it also attracts wild ones as well.

Approximately 90-seconds into the footage, the word "Catnip!" is seen embedded in the video. The operator of the camera placed a bowl of the tempting cat favorite as a way to view these amazing animals close up. Without fail, a bobcat and cougar both wander into the frame eventually to investigate the aroma and can't help but have a snack.

Viewing these majestic wild cats in their natural habitat is a true pleasure. It also proves the undeniable power of catnip.

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