Wildlife officials are cautioning motorists to be aware of animals on the road as this is the time of year when more vehicle-versus-wildlife collisions occur.

Photo courtesy of Idaho Department of Fish and Game
Photo courtesy of Idaho Department of Fish and Game

“Motorists need to be extra cautious and slow down, especially under low light conditions when visibility is limited,” Greg Painter, Idaho Fish and Game wildlife manager based in Salmon, said in a news release. “Being extra careful and watchful is your best defense.”

One warning to drivers that wildlife might be present in an area, according to Fish and Game:

Mangled carcasses of deer, elk, and other wildlife along Idaho’s roadways should be a flashing warning sign to motorists.

Hitting wildlife, such as a deer or an elk, often results costly vehicle damage, “not to mention a preventable loss of wildlife.” The department gives tips, which you can read here, to help reduce the chances of an animal collision.

The department also said travelers “should report any injury collision to the public safety dispatcher by calling 911, which will send officers to the scene. If possible, move your vehicle to a safe place and alert on-coming traffic with your emergency flashers until law enforcement authorities arrive.”

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