Another incident involving an animal and a human being at Yellowstone National Park was caught on film and has gone viral. However, a massive Bull Elk went after a park ranger's vehicle in this instance, instead of the usual provoking of animals by humans we're accustomed to seeing.

Yellowstone National Park might be the most photographed and video recorded of all in the United States. The park spans more than two million acres and includes boundaries in Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana. I visit the park as often as I can, but lately, I've been put off by the congestion and tourist nonsense.

A YouTuber recently shared a short clip that has amassed thousands of shares and views of an encounter between a park elk and a ranger just going about his/her business. Some could argue the angle that the ranger was provoking the animal simply by driving toward it. The elk appears to be sending off either an angry audible warning prior to charging or was just attempting to locate its herd.

It's not really clear as to whether or not the animal contacted the ranger's vehicle. The driver swerves away from the wild animal within a few feet of it. Another motorist can be seen slowly backing up seconds before the ranger's car comes into frame.

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With all the ridiculousness that tourists display each day inside the park by egging on these animals or trying to take selfies with them, it's no wonder the creatures are agitated. Tourists act more like paparazzi than people interested in getting immersed in the beauty of the park.

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